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Specifications for submitting an image to our gallery -

  • All gallery submissions must be in .jpg format
  • Please create multiple versions of wallpapers (1280x1024 and 1024x768 preferred)
  • Please keep your file size to under 1 Megabyte
  • Submit your image by emailing our gallery
  • Please write "Gallery Submission" as well as type (Wallpaper, Fan Art, etc.) in your subject line
  • Include your name and forum name (if applicable) in the email
  • Please review our Terms and Conditions Section 8
  • And please keep it clean
  • Bastet -
    Created by Jermane
       Perry -
    Created by Sarah AKA
       Sophie's Awakening -
    Created by Melissa
    Disir Sketch -
    Created by ea AKA eabrea
       Joan of Arc Sketch -
    Created by ea AKA eabrea
       Twins of Legend -
    Created by Julie AKA ViVA
    Bastet Sketch -
    Created by ea AKA eabrea
       Hekate Sketch -
    Created by ea AKA eabrea
       I Am Legend -
    Created by Jasper AKA Zexion
    Machiavelli -
    Created by Sparticle
       Death of Joan of Arc -
    Created by Fuzzbin
       Guardians of the Sleeping God -
    Created by
    Training Warrior -
    Created by Brittany B.
       Morrigan - Speed Paint -
    Created by Bilibulug
       Josh and Sophie -
    Created by
    Alchemist -
    Created by Alexandra
       The Morrigan -
    Created by Brittany B.
       "Dropped Call" -
    Created by
    Scathach -
    Created by xqnp7
       Ignis -
    Created by Hitmanjls
       Modern Warrior -
    Created by Hitmanjls
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