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24 May 2010
We Are Now The Official Fansite!!!

I am very pleased to bring all you loyal Humani the world over some amazing news from Michael Scott himself!

Today, May 25th, The Necromancer is published in the US. This is the fourth book in the 6 book sequence which, so far, comprises of 1611 manuscript pages and 390,523 words.

When I set out to begin this series, somehow I could never see this far ahead and yet, now I am deep into the Warlock and suddenly the end is in sight.

Very early on, in late September 2008, I was approached by Zephfire and asked if I would mind if some fans created a forum based around the Flamel series. I was flattered (as every writer should be when people want to talk about their books!) and on the 2nd October 2008 I became (after Jules) the second member of the forum. Today we have just over 1500 members, and there have been over 41,000 posts right across the forum threads.

I have been thrilled with the enthusiasm, the excitement and energy which greets each new topic. I am always delighted when I find someone researching their way to the truth and I am incredibly pleased when some event or character in the books send a forum member off on their own research.

I drop into the forum almost every day and now count the forum mods amongst my friends. Knowing that the forum is a safe place for readers of all ages is incredibly important to me and to the mods also, and they work hard to ensure that the forum is both generous and welcoming to everyone. We are, I am pleased to say, flame free.

I am sometimes asked what will happen to the forum when the Flamel series finishes. The forum is not going to go away. The last Flamel, The Enchantress, will be published in hard back in 2012, then in paperback in the USA in 2013, and then foreign editions will continue to appear for years afterward. And of course, the new series, The Earthlords, is on the way. There have been hints in the series about the Earthlords and some bigger clues in The Necromancer. There is lots to come.

The Portal and forum have always been the number one fansite, but today, on the launch of The Necromancer, as a way of saying thank you to everyone for their support, I am declaring Flamel's Immortal Portal, the only OFFICIAL fan site of the series.

A big thank you to everyone for reading, writing, debating, arguing and supporting. You - all of you, mods and members - have made this happen.

With best wishes,

Thank you Mr. Scott for your very kind words! We would not be here without your support, and we applaud you for your continued commitment to your fans!

And a very special thank you to all the Humani who visit this site on a daily basis! You are clearly some of the best behaved and engaging fans out there!

And now... Our NEW logo to go along with our Official status!

Posted by hitmanjls on 24 May 2010 @ 9:48 PM EST   
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