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What is Awakenings?

Awakenings is a podcast discussion show that is dedicated to deciphering all things about The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel book series by Michael Scott.

Awakenings is brought to you by the team that created the Flamel's Immortal Portal website and Flamel's Secrets forums.

Who are the Awakenings hosts?

Jamie / spacecadet - The show's main co-host and editor. Jamie is very organized and keeps all the other hosts on their toes and on time! Jamie comes up with most of our topics and keeps the show flowing along. She edits the show from her studio in St. Louis, which is where she calls home. Jamie's magical scent is Strawberry Cheesecake. Follow Jamie via Twitter.

Jeff / hitmanjls - The show's other main co-host. Jeff is very knowledgeable of the Flamel series, and is good at theorizing about what is to come. He thinks well on the fly, writes most of our parody skits, makes most of the odd noises and strange voices you'll hear, and always closes out the show. Jeff swears he isn't from the south despite the fact that he hails from West Virginia. His magical scent is Kona Bean and he encourages you to join the Southern Accent Club on the forum! Follow Jeff via Twitter.

Sean / godsryche - The show's comic relief. Sean was the first pick of Jamie and Jeff to have a spot on the show, mostly due to the fact that Sean is an avid practitioner in the performing arts and is quite funny to boot! Sean's quick wit and humor are always noticeable on the shows. Sean lives in Massachusetts, and yes, ladies, that is his real accent. Sean's magical scent is Freshly Struck Flint. Sean would like to thank Mr. Michael Scott for relieving him of his poorly articulated French accent intro and he hopes to one day be interviewed by the marvelous Guy Friday! Stalk Sean via Twitter.

Kris / dreamingofedward - The show's resident bookworm. Kris was an obvious choice when putting together our team of hosts! As you can easily see from her posts on the forums, Kris knows her stuff and is great at uncovering important research for us. She also has two dogs that quite frequently make an appearance on the show! Kris lives in Pennsylvania and her magical scent is Black Raspberry.

What's that great song at the opening and closing?

The song that plays at the opening and close of our show is "Martha Stuart" by Enter the Haggis. We'd like to send our personal thanks to ETH for allowing us to use their song!

You can find them at their website here: http://www.enterthehaggis.com

How do I contact you guys?

Well, there are several ways to contact us:

Email the show at awakenings@flamels-immortal-portal.com
Or individually at <host-first-name-here>@flamels-immortal-portal.com, or by just clicking on the host's name above.

You can also now leave us a voicemail via Skype by calling user name AwakeningsPodcast

How can I let you guys know how much I love the show?

That's an easy question! The best way to show us how much you love the show is to help us spread the word! Tell everyone you know about the show, and how much you enjoy it.

Of course, we'll never turn down a good review on iTunes or votes on Podcast Alley!
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