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Full Name: Scathach

Pronunciation: Scatt-tock

AKA: Scatty, The Warrior Maid, the Shadow, the Daemon Slayer, the King Maker

Classification: Next Generation

Magical Scent: Unknown

Aura Color: Gray

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Emerald Geen

General Information:
When she first appears Scathach is described as having spiky red hair, pale, freckled skin, with a round face and green eyes. She looks about 17 yrs old. She wears military style combat boots and has a celtic-looking spiral design tattoo etched into her right shoulder. She credits herself with having created most of the martial arts. While she admits to being a vampire, she does not drink blood as she is a vegetarian.

We first meet Scathach in The Alchemyst, her dojo in San Francisco is where Nicholas takes the twins after fleeing from Dee. When he introduces her to the twins he tells them that Scathach trained every warrior and hero of legend for the past 2000 years. She then tells the twins to just call her Scatty. She once sang in an all girl band in Berlin at one point. The band was a goth-punk band which only performed Tori Amos covers. And they were all vampires.

We are unsure of her real age, even though she tells the twins she is about 2517 years old. Aoife says that they are 10,000 years old (Aoife also calls Scatty a liar and says nothing Scatty says should be believed). Scatty does mention that she only counts those years she has been on the Earth shadowrealm. She has a rough relationship with her parents because she decided to leave them and teach the humani.

She saved Joan of Arc from being burnt at the stake and fought by her side at Orleans. After the rescue, her blood was transfused into Joan to save her and made Joan immortal. Scatty is proficient with many weapons, including nunchucks, swords and even bow and arrows.

As a member of the Next Generation, she was born after the fall of Danu Talis. As a result of the changes that happened to the Next Generation, she is unable to feel emotions, but in The Magician, Scatty is extremely happy when she sees Joan and has a sudden outburst of emotions contradicting her claims.

Scatty was chosen to be sent back in time by her Grandmother to fight the Disir, in what would become known as Ragnarok. She has battled with Dagon's kind in the past, he bears a particular grudge against her, blaming her for killing the rest of his race.

In The Sorceress, she and Joan get sent to what appears to be the Pleistocene era when using the Point Zero leygate that Machiavelli has laid a trap for them on. Although they have not spoken in a long time because of their fight over Cuchulain, Aoife still comes to her rescue when she feels that Scatty has disappeared, they look so much alike that the twins mistake Aoife for Scatty at first.

In The Necromancer, she and Joan figure out that they are actually in a Shadowrealm created by the Hook-handed man. He has been interfering in their lives for centuries and needs them to travel back to Danu Talis with him.

Witch of Endor - Grandmother.
Mars Ultor - Grandfather.
Aiofe - Twin sister.
Prometheus - Uncle.
Mother: "a sharp-faced older woman with bloodred eyes" (M)
Brother: "an ashen-skinned young man with blazing red hair" (M)

"I tried teaching ninjas, but they were never that good, believe me. I became the Daemon Slayer when I killed Raktabija. And I was called the King Maker when I helped put Arthur on the throne," she added, her voice turning grim. She shook her head quickly.
"That was a mistake. And not my first either." She laughed, but it came out shaky and sounding forced. "I've made a lot of mistakes." (M)

"They're not so tough," Scatty said lightly. "I fought the sphinx and her appalling mother before."
"Who won?" Joan asked, biting back a smile.
"Who do you think?" Scatty began, then corrected herself. "Well, actually, I ran away. . . ." (S)


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