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Billy the Kid

Full Name: Billy the Kid

Pronunciation: BIH-lee the Kid

AKA: Henry McCarty, William H Bonney

Classification: Immortal

Magical Scent: Cayenne/ Red Pepper

Aura Color: Deep Purple-Red

Hair Color: Unkown

Eye Color: Bright blue / Crimson

General Information:
Billy is described as short and slight, with a thin and scrawny body.
He is unkempt looking, unshaven, with a stubbly beard and straggly, long hair. He has bright blue eyes that occasionally flash crimson. He is thin faced, with prominent front teeth. He generally wears a t-shirt (although has been seen in a denim shirt also) with frayed jeans and cowboy boots, which he has hand made.
Billy the kid first appeared in The Sorceress.
He is sent to meet and assist Machiavelli in his missions on Alcatraz, to unleash the sleeping monsters from their cells and turn them loose on San Francisco, and to kill Areop-Enap and Perenelle on sight. Billy doesn't believe he needs to assist Machiavelli and thinks he will be able to manage the mission alone, but he complies with his Dark Elder's wishes as he does not want to anger him.
Billy unleashes a swarm of poisoned flies on Alcatraz and succeeds in poisoning, but not killing the Old Spider, he uses a scrying spell to see Perenelle for himself and is surprised to see her in much better health and stronger than he was led to believe she would be.
He meets Machiavelli at the airport and they journey to Alcatraz together where they fail in all their missions and have to be rescued by Black Hawk. Machiavelli suspects that Billy must be very special as he had not met any immortal who received their immortality at such a young age.
In the Necromancer Black Hawk takes them to Billy's Master, Kukulkan, who is very angry at their failure, as a favour to Machiavelli's master he agrees to let Machiavelli live if he returns to Alcatraz and completes the mission to awaken the sleeping monsters. Billy threatens Kukulkan with an ancient Aztec sword and Machiavelli has to intervene to get him to spare Billy, so they are both sent back to the island with a warning that failure would not be tolerated a second time. The last time we see Billy he and Machiavelli have just arrived on Alcatraz towards the end of The Necromancer.

Quetzalcoatl (Kukulkan) - Billy's Dark Elder Master.
Black Hawk - Friend.

"Will this take long?" the sphinx asked.
"Why, you in a hurry to go somewhere?" Billy asked.
The creature's mouth opened to reveal a maw of needlesharp teeth. "I've not had breakfast yet." The sphinx looked at Machiavelli. "Arrogance always tastes sweet, like chicken. If you will not give him to me, then let me buy him from you. I will give you a fortune for this humani."
"How much of a fortune?" Machiavelli asked with a smile.
"Hey!" Billy said indignantly.
"How much do you want?" the sphinx asked seriously.
"I'm not for sale!" Billy snapped." (N)


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