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Niccolo Machiavelli

Full Name: Niccolo Machiavelli

Pronunciation: Ni-co-lo Ma-chi-a-vel-li

AKA: Machiavelli, The Italian Magician

Classification: Immortal

Magical Scent: Snake

Aura Color: Gray/Dirty White

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Gray

General Information:
Machiavelli is described as a tall, thin man with a fuzz of close-cropped snow white hair and stone gray eyes. Looks at least to be 58 years old, with thin lips. He is always seen wearing expensive tailored suits.

Niccolo Machiavelli is a very methodical and calculating person, these are most likely the reasons why his Master Elder, Akhenaten, chose him to be in his servitude and for the gift of immortality. His musky snake sent matches up well with his dirty gray aura. This tall slender man with stone gray eyes has earned quite a reputation throughout the centuries with his political prowess and deceptive ways, even earning him his very own philosophy: Machiavellianism

In The Magician, we meet Niccolo Machiavelli in modern day France, he is Head of the DGSE (Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure), the French secret service. He is summoned from an auction house by Doctor Dee and enlisted to capture the grouping of Nicholas Flamel, Scathach and the Twins of Legend Josh and Sophie. Along with his servant Dagon, Machiavelli gives chase to the group only to lose them, just as Dee had. Sensing the pressure of capturing them before Dee arrives, he summons the Disir to handle the dirty work for him. However, the Disir unleash the Nidhogg on Paris, causing major disruption and destruction, after the running battle and during the mayhem the group manage to escape again and flee Paris. Machiavelli finds himself injured and beaten on top of Notre Dame, having failed in his task.
In The Sorceress, Machiavelli's Elder Master decides that his talents would be better served on Alcatraz Island, so he is sent there to destroy Perenelle Flamel and release the Rock's terrors from their cells and onto the unsuspecting West Coast. He is met by Billy the Kid who has been sent to assist him. Machiavelli and Billy are duped by Macha and Badb whom the believe to be the Morrigan, which allows Perry to escape the island. Perry steals their boat, which is their only way off the island.

In The Necromancer, Billy and Machiavelli are retrieved from the island by Black Hawk, who has been sent by Billy's very displeased Elder to bring them both to him.
They arrive at Quetzalcoatl's (The Feathered Serpent) shadowrealm, where Machiavelli is told that despite his failed mission, his life will be spared because Quetzalcoatl feels indebted to Machiavelli's elder, Aten, for once saving his life.
Billy is not so lucky and Quetzalcoatl does not intend to spare his life. Billy is incensed and threatens his Elder, Machiavelli likens the pair to petulant children but he stealthily brokers a truce between the pair using some of his skills probably acquired at his time at the murderous court of Catherine De Medici.
Machiavelli cunningly convinces Quetzalcoatl to give them both another chance to complete at least part of their original mission by returning to Alcatraz and unleashing the sleeping monster army from their cells.

Akhenaten/Aten - Elder Master
Marietta Corsini - Wife (deceased)
Dagon - Friend / Servant

"Machiavelli's lips curled into an ugly grimace. The last time he'd encountered the Warrior, she'd pushed him through a door. It had been closed at the time, and he'd spent weeks picking splinters from his chest and shoulders." (M)


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