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25 February 2013
'The Nameless City' Released!

If you've been keeping up with this site since the Flamel series ended, then you know that Michael Scott was selected as one of 11 authors to pen short stories about Doctor Who, that will release one a month leading up to the 50th Who Anniversary!

Over the weekend Michael's short story, The Nameless City, based around the 2nd incarnation of The Doctor, was released in an ebook format.

Available on your favorite ereader, the story is a must read for Flamel fans everywhere! Doctor Who and Michael Scott TOGETHER, how can you go wrong?

Posted by hitmanjls on 25 February 2013 @ 10:42 AM EST   
11 February 2013
Video of Michael Talking Doctor Two

The BBC has just released a video of Michael Scott talking about his childhood memories of Doctor Who and his excitement with being involved in writing the story of "his" Doctor for the 50th anniversary series of ebook shorts.

Watch the video on YouTube by clicking :HERE:

Then jump over to our Facebook and Twitter to discuss!

Posted by hitmanjls on 11 February 2013 @ 2:35 AM EST   
5 February 2013
Michael Scott and Doctor WHO?

It's a good day to be a humani!!!

Today we learned that Micheal Scott has been selected to be part of the elite list of authors penning a short story for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!

What we know is this, that there are 11 authors who are each writing a short story about one of the Doctor's incarnations. On the 23rd of each month an ebook story will be released, leading up to the November 23rd 50th Anniversary date. Then a paperback anthology containing all the shorts will be released near the end of the year.

Michael's story will be centered around the 2nd Doctor, who was portrayed by Patrick Troughton on the classic television series, and is titled "The Nameless City". Below is a bit of story information from Amazon's page:

"When Jamie McCrimmon brings the Second Doctor a mysterious book, little does he realise the danger contained within its pages. The book transports the TARDIS to a terrifying glass city on a distant world, where the Archons are intent on getting revenge on the Time Lord for an ancient grudge."

The short story is slated to be release on the 23rd of February in ebook format only. And, a promotional video featuring Michael will be released on the 11th.

The 1st Doctor's story was released in January, and was penned by Eion Colfer, noted author of the Artemis Fowl series.

Are you excited about this??? Come over to our Twitter or Facebook pages and tell us what you think about this news!!!

And, be sure to send Michael your congratulations via his Twitter.

Posted by hitmanjls on 5 February 2013 @ 1:53 AM EST   
22 January 2013
Vote For The Enchantress on Teenreads!

Hello Humani! Long time, no news! Don't worry, we're still here and kicking!

Today we learned that Book 6, The Enchantress, is listed among the titles that are in the running for 2013 Teen Choice Book of the Year!

The Teen Choice Book Awards, in association with the Children’s Book Council (CBC) and Every Child a Reader (ECAR), Teenreads.com is giving you a very special opportunity to let your voices be heard by telling them your five favorite books of 2012!

All you have to do is go :HERE: to see the full list of nominees.

Then go :HERE: to fill out the form and cast your votes! (note that a valid email address is required)

So head on over and VOTE!!!

Posted by hitmanjls on 22 January 2013 @ 4:24 PM EST   
2 November 2012
Vote For Awakenings Podcast! #pca12

The voting process is NOW OPEN for the 2012 Podcast Awards!!!

Because of you great fans, we have been successfully nominated in the category of Cultural/Arts and now we need you to vote vote vote!

Here's how it works... The voting is email address specific, one vote per email, per day. So one could cast 15 votes for us across the span of the 15 day voting period!

So, go here: Podcast Awards

Scroll down to the Cultural/Arts section and select Awakenings!

Scroll to the bottom of the page and input a VALID email address, and enter a nice comment if you want.

Submit your vote

Check your email inbox for the Verification Email, and click the link inside if you got one.

It's really that easy!!!

Again we'd like to thank all the fans of Awakenings out there for nominating us in both of these categories! Now lets get to voting!

Posted by hitmanjls on 2 November 2012 @ 1:59 AM EST   
29 October 2012
Awakenings Nominated 3rd Year Running

We found out over the weekend that our monthly podcast show, Awakenings, was again nominated for a Podcast Award in the categories of Cultural/Arts, for the 3rd straight year!!!

On behalf of the Portalcasters and the entire staff of the Immortal Portal, I'd like to thank all of the listeners that nominated us in this years awards! It is a honor, and we are humbled by your continued support!

Voting for the 2012 awards opens on November 1st, and we will make a post that day with all the specifics on where and how to vote.

Again, THANK YOU!!!

Posted by hitmanjls on 29 October 2012 @ 10:57 AM EST   
18 October 2012
Issues With The Forum...

Recently the Forumer IPB platform that we use for our forum was bought by a new company who do not use that format. We had no control over this action! What this means to you as our member is that you will now be required by the new platform owner, Yuku, to join them as a member to be able to access our forum. Joining is free but I would like to ask our younger members, those under 13 years of age, to please seek parental approval before you do so, as the Yuku platform is a form of Social Networking. Your forum member name has been transferred over to the new Yuku site, but you will be asked to enter a new password.

We're sorry to say the forum does not currently look like it used to, but we're working to resolve that and to get the forum back to a design and look that you're more familiar with and will be as close to the one you know as we can get it.

We thank you for bearing with us during this upheaval and hope to see you online soon!

Posted by hitmanjls on 18 October 2012 @ 9:37 AM EST   
2 October 2012
Nominate Awakenings for a 2012 Podcast Award!

It's time for the 2012 Podcast Awards! For the last 2 years Awakenings was nominated into the top 10 in Cultural/Arts, and last year we were nominated in Best Produced! Again we need your help! Head over to The 2012 Podcast Awards and nominate Awakenings in the categories of Best Produced and Cultural/Arts.

You will need to enter "Awakenings" in the Podcast Name field and "http://www.flamels-immortal-portal.com/podcast/" in the URL field. Then at the bottom of the page enter in your Name, Email Address (must be a valid address as they will send random confirmation emails), and don't forget to enter Comments about why you think Awakenings should win a podcast award because this is the most important part of the nomination! Click :HERE: to see an image of past years form to see exactly where to input!

You can only fill out the form one time so we encourage you to nominate any of your other favorite podcasts for the variety of other categories. Nominations run through October 15th so make sure you get your submission in before then.

We really value our listeners and Thank YOU for your support. Help spread the word by posting on Facebook and Twitter (use the hashtag #pca12) and make sure you tell your friends to vote too!

~The Portalcasters

Posted by hitmanjls on 2 October 2012 @ 2:05 AM EST   
1 August 2012
Vote in the 2012 Auricle Awards!

It's that time of year again humani! The time you've been waiting for all year long... Time to make your voices and choices heard... Time for the 4th annual Auricle Awards!!!

Voting is now LIVE! Just click on the beautiful Auricle Awards trophy to the right and you'll be taken to the voting pages. So, heed the words of the dog-faced Anubis, who urges you to "Vote or die"! Maybe it was "Vote and die"... I can't remember exactly.

"How do we find out who wins" you ask? All you have to do is listen to the special episode #46 of the Awakenings podcast on September 15th, which always proves to be highly entertaining!

Posted by hitmanjls on 1 August 2012 @ 11:43 AM EST   
25 July 2012
First Official Movie Poster for The Alchemyst

We've just found out that AMPCO Films has released a VERY cool teaser poster for the film adaptation of The Alchemyst: Secrets of Nicholas Flamel!!

Right off the bat, you'll notice that they have dropped "Immortal" from the title, and do not appear to be staying with the green coloring of the book's cover thus far.

The poster is really cool looking, and we're very excited to see what's coming next!

Click :HERE: to see the poster!

Additionally, NPR is having a "Best-Ever Teen Novels" public voting contest! You'll find the series a little down the list under "S". PLEASE follow the below link and vote! You can only vote once, so make it count!


Posted by hitmanjls on 25 July 2012 @ 4:28 PM EST   
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